The Showcase

When I make something, it is always great to see people use it.

And maybe you’ve made a autograph book or a T-shirt with designs from DesignDisneyRaoul too. It would be great to have a picture of it so it can be placed in the showcase.

And here you can see the results:


Chip 'n Dale (vintage design). Thanks to Melanie (Digital Scrapbooking forum)

Autograph Books

Leather Design, only in Dutch. Thanks to TimVoskamp (DLRP-fans)

Leather Design. Thanks to TimVoskamp (DLRP-fans)

Leather Design. Thanks to Ruite706 (DLRP-fans)

Leather Design. Thanks to Ruite706 (DLRP-fans)

Leather Design. Thanks to Annelies (Digital Scrapbooking forum)

Leather Design. Thanks to Gaëtane (DLRP-fans)

Christmas Design. Thanks to Yves (DLRP-fans)

Leather Design. Thanks to Yves (DLRP-fans)

Leather Design. Thanks to Hakbijltje (DLRPfans)

Passport design. Thanks to Kaatje&Co (DLRP-fans)

Passport design. Thanks to Kaatje&Co (DLRP-fans)

Minimalistic wallpaper design. Thanks to Kaatje&Co (DLRP-fans)

Minimalistic wallpaper design. Thanks to Kaatje&Co (DLRP-fans)


lunchbox with Figaro (Leather Design) Thanks to Marinnie (DLRP-fans)


  1. how do i get my hands on one!

    • Hi,

      You can download all of the designs here on this blog. When you have your favorite designs you can print them either at home or at a (online) printing service. And voila, you’ll have your very own autograph book or t-shirt!


  2. I love you autograph books, but can I ask how you did the binding of these?

    • Hi Albert,

      These autograph books are printed by an online printing service ( f.e. blurb, albelli, … ). These type of services are perfect, they will do the printing and binding.

      If you want to print the pages yourself you can sew or glue them together.


  3. Jennifer Hancock

    Is the passport design still available somewhere? Link to the new site says its expired.

  4. What happened to your site? Your designs are so amazing! We are headed to Disney next month and I was looking forward to using your passport pages and t-shirt designs 😦

  5. Can you send them as a link? I want the passport design too!

  6. Hi Raoul,
    It’s Tim again. I was wondering how you made the books, like what printing press you used and how you set up your passport books you made in the past. Also how you binded it. By the way your designs are amazing. I love them, cant wait to use them.

    • Hi Tim, there are a few different ways to make a autograph book, one easier than the other, but at the end you will have a great autograph book.

      The first option is to print the designs (the cover and the autograph pages) you like with your printer at home on 4×6 inch or A5 (in Europe) paper. When you’re finished printing there are several ways to bind the pages together. Some people staple it together, others bind it together with f.e. a few robbins while others prefer to sew it. This is an inexpensive way to create the book and most of all it is fun to make it.

      The second option is to use a online printing service to make these books. When you use such a service (f.e. like Albelli), you place all the pages in a virtual book and put a cover on it. If you are happy with the result on the screen you can order it for like € 13 or $ 16. This way you’ll have a professional bound book (hardcover or paperback), it is a bit more expensive but it will be a autograph book of awesome quality.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Raoul,
    Said it on Pintrest I’m sad your site closed. Is it possible to get the Hollywood style designs?

    Hope you are able to help.


  8. dank je wel!!!

  9. Hi ~ I was wondering if you can resend me the link for these passports? we are going in two weeks and I would really love to make these for my kids. I tried to download the ones above but it’s saying the file is corrupted? can you share the file via dropbox?

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