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Autograph book: Hollywood Stars

Welcome to my brand-new autograph book serie! This time I was inspired by new meet and greet area of Mickey in Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World, and the old fashioned Hollywood that never was always will be there. That was something I wanted to capture, and it would be something totally different of all the other autograph books, what is always cool.

My design is based on the classic showbiz mirrors (those are just typical Hollywood), on top of that I placed a old fashioned cinema banner with the characters name. To finished I created a circular place for a picture, so that you know how Mickey will look.

I’ve made a page for 117 characters so far!
If your favorite character isn’t in the list please leave a comment, I won’t bite.

In this serie you’ll find a cover and the normal pages.

As usual you can download the designs you like and place them in your very own autograph book!

I’m still working on this serie, at this moment there is just the A5 format. This will change soon, so stay tuned!

Download the pages on the new site!


Autograph book: Passport

Great news, here is a brand-new and original concept for your Disney autograph books. This is the second design that has pages where the characters can sign on. There is even a story attached to it. The story goes:

Hi there!

Thank you for accepting my invitation! Minnie and I need your help!

We want to surprise our friends with a trip to Hawaï, but after Goofy collected all the passports, he slipped on a banana peel and all the passports fell into the water.

Luckily I managed to recover all the passports, but all the autographs were erased. Can you ensure that everyone puts his or her autograph on their passports again?

Greetings Mickey and Minnie

The design are based on the fictional passports of the Disney characters. My goal was to make the passport as real-life as possible and something different of my last series. There are 2 different passports, one for Disneyland Resort (also suitable for Disneyland Paris, or any other Disneyland around the world) and one for Walt Disney World.

As you have seen, I’ve made a intro page. This is the page where you’ll find the story (same as above) and a place where you can put the name and a photo of your child.

I’ve made a page for 165 characters so far!
And if your favorite characters isn’t one of them you can leave a message, than I can make your beloved one.

There are 5 different designs in this serie:


Big thanks to Character Central for their magnificent photo’s of Mickey and his friends! They have many great photo’s of almost every character, you can name it, they’ve got it.

Download the pages on the new site!

Infographic Walt Disney World

A few days ago, on the first of October to be precise, Walt Disney World celebrated it’s 40 year of number one vacation destination. That inspired me to create a infographic about this unique world.

Please click on the image to see all of the details.

T-shirt: Vintage Test Track

After more than a month, I’ve made a new t-shirt design. This time it is of a great attraction in Walt Disney World where you are the test dummy, Test Track.

I hope you like it!

Download ‘Test Track’

T-shirt: Vintage Adventureland

I made a design for the Disney fans. This is of Adventureland.

The Lost Boys Expedition is roughly based on the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. They are always in search of adventure.

Download ‘Adventureland’

T-shirt: Fantasmic

My next T-shirt design is of Fantasmic. The great show in Walt Diney World and Disneyland.

My idea was to make Mickey on a rock and water around him. And with fireworks in the top, but the design was to busy. So I maked only the stars by his hands.

Download ‘Fantasmic’

Autograph book: Leather

This was mine first design for an autograph book. The cover has a texture of leather with an ‘burned’ drawing of a Disney character. Almost all the characters can you see in the parks.

I made 77 covers or pages with different characters and a total of 307 designs (cover and the pages).

There are 3 different kind of covers, one of Disneyland Paris, one of Walt Disney World and of without a logo. And of course there is also a page.


Download the pages on the new site!