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Vote for my design

Hi there!

A week ago I was very pleased to read that Threadless has created a design-challenge with as theme: Toy Story. I was really fan of the previous design-challenge “Disney Villians” and specially the awesome T-shirt design created by very talented people. So, when I saw the new challenge I was ready to make my own design!

Now, my design is based on the brave, fearless and above all friendly Buzz Lightyear, the spaceranger. I took a minimalistic and a bit vintage take on the beloved character. My approach was to create Buzz in a 2-color design with use of negative space. It’s just great to simplify things, isn’t it?

The typography under our spaceman describes him, with a touch of vintage flair to it.

Now, how you you help… You would do me a great pleasure to vote for my design so that it would get printed.
Please, vote here.
To vote you’ll have to have a Threadless account (it will just take a minute to register yourself).

Thank you!