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Monster Inc. design challenge: my entry



A few weeks ago Threadless released a brand-new design challenge inspired by Pixar’s Monster Inc. The goal is to create a T-shirt design based on the movie. Sound like fun doesn’t it?

My design is based on the agency that keeps Monstropolis save: the CDA (Child Detection Agency). Do you want to join the agency?

Please vote for my design, that would help me create more designs for you guys (and girls ofcource).




Vote for my design

Hi there!

A week ago I was very pleased to read that Threadless has created a design-challenge with as theme: Toy Story. I was really fan of the previous design-challenge “Disney Villians” and specially the awesome T-shirt design created by very talented people. So, when I saw the new challenge I was ready to make my own design!

Now, my design is based on the brave, fearless and above all friendly Buzz Lightyear, the spaceranger. I took a minimalistic and a bit vintage take on the beloved character. My approach was to create Buzz in a 2-color design with use of negative space. It’s just great to simplify things, isn’t it?

The typography under our spaceman describes him, with a touch of vintage flair to it.

Now, how you you help… You would do me a great pleasure to vote for my design so that it would get printed.
Please, vote here.
To vote you’ll have to have a Threadless account (it will just take a minute to register yourself).

Thank you!