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Autograph book cover: Passports

Hi there,

I proudly present the cover for my latest autograph book serie ‘Passport’. The layout of my design is based on the real European passports, and with the same color scheme found on the passports made for this book.

I’ve also made a logo for the fictional company ‘Disney Travel Organisation’ to make it one with the rest of the story found on the intro page.

Download the pages on the new site!


Autograph book: Christmas

I know, I know, it is a bit early for an autograph book design for Christmas. But still, it is a great theme.

Now, my idea was to create a Disney icon trapped in ice with some little elements surrounding it. For the icon I grabbed the castle from Disneyland Paris and stuck it into the ice.

You can also discover some Christmas balls and acorns. I wanted to do something with Chip and/or Dale, so the story is that they are also trapped in the ice while they were collecting acorns.

Download the pages on the new site!

Autograph book: Halloween


On the DLRP-fans forum a question draw my attention, if I could made a cover for an autograph book with a Halloween theme. Now, I wanted to make it pretty dark, but yeah, it’s for Halloween, and there must be a castle on it.

So I’ve made a silhouette of the castle in Disneyland Paris and place the moon behind. If you look closely, you can see the face of the character from “A Nightmare Before Christmas” in the moon. In the window on the grand tower you can see the Evil Queen from Snowwhite using her black magic.

Download A5 format
Download 4×6 inch format

I hope you like it, so enjoy!

Wallpaper: Heartbeat

A few days ago, I came with an idea of a monitor that measures heartbeats with in the middle the castle. It is the heartbeat of a true Disneylover.

And after a time photoshoping I came out with the one on the top of the post. I hope you like it.

Download the ‘Heartbeat’ wallpaper (1920 x 1080 px)