Circle Characters starring Genie

Here is the third post of the ‘Circle Characters’ serie, with Genie from the movie Aladdin in the spotlight.

This time I’ve used the characteristics of  Genie to create an unique and creative piece. Genie is, next to Aladdin and Jasmine, one of the major personages of the movie Aladdin. And above all, his role is incredible funny.

The design I’ve made used the blue color famous for Genie and his black beard.

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Circle Characters starring Minnie Mouse

Circle Characters starring Minnie Mouse

Welcome to this second post of Circle Characters. This weeks star is Minnie Mouse, the lovely right hand of Mickey Mouse.

Minnie Mouse is represented with her famous polka-dots on her skirt. I’ve used a more pink color scheme to highlight this girly character. And again, the design was finished up with a subtle grunge texture.

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Wallpaper: On Jump Ahead


Here a quick post, with a new wallpaper ‘One Jump Ahead’. This is based and inspired by the great movie Aladdin and the beloved “streetrat”. He is always one jump ahead of his pursuers, so I’ve made a stylished wallpaper that represented this phrase.

Download the ‘One Jump Ahead’ wallpaper (1920 x 1080 px)

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Circle Characters starring Mickey Mouse

Hi there,

Welcome to this new series of post that will be called: ‘Circle Characters’. There will be new post every Saturday, so a great idea to begin the weekend. Every week there will be a minimalistic design featuring a Disney character. And for now, let’s get started with the first part.

The first star this week is Mickey Mouse, the mouse that started all of what Disney is today. This timeless character is known by every single person on earth for his beloved cartoons and presence at the different Disney theme parks.

Now, the designs in ‘Circle Characters’ are based on a circle, quite logical. I always love to put circles in my designs, and I don’t know why, maybe because there is something clean and delicate about it.

Mickey is very minimal represented, it is just his red pants and the white 2 buttons on it that make him recognizable. My goal when drawing this serie was, if you only look to the circle, you must recognize the character. But to be sure everybody sees it, I placed his name at the bottom of the circle. I’ve used a clean and maybe a bit tight font that fits perfectly with the circular design.

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I hope you liked this first part of ‘Circle Characters’ and stay tuned next Saturday for more designs!
Tell me, what do you think about this design?

Little Note

I’m proudly to announce a very little update for the Passport designs, there are 10 new royal pages for you to use.
The lucky ones are Prince Caspian, Rapunzel, Prince Eric, Snow White, Snow Prince, Prince Phillip, Aurora, Tiana, Prince Charming and Prince Naveen.

You can download them here.

Autograph book: Passport

Great news, here is a brand-new and original concept for your Disney autograph books. This is the second design that has pages where the characters can sign on. There is even a story attached to it. The story goes:

Hi there!

Thank you for accepting my invitation! Minnie and I need your help!

We want to surprise our friends with a trip to Hawaï, but after Goofy collected all the passports, he slipped on a banana peel and all the passports fell into the water.

Luckily I managed to recover all the passports, but all the autographs were erased. Can you ensure that everyone puts his or her autograph on their passports again?

Greetings Mickey and Minnie

The design are based on the fictional passports of the Disney characters. My goal was to make the passport as real-life as possible and something different of my last series. There are 2 different passports, one for Disneyland Resort (also suitable for Disneyland Paris, or any other Disneyland around the world) and one for Walt Disney World.

As you have seen, I’ve made a intro page. This is the page where you’ll find the story (same as above) and a place where you can put the name and a photo of your child.

I’ve made a page for 165 characters so far!
And if your favorite characters isn’t one of them you can leave a message, than I can make your beloved one.

There are 5 different designs in this serie:


Big thanks to Character Central for their magnificent photo’s of Mickey and his friends! They have many great photo’s of almost every character, you can name it, they’ve got it.

Download the pages on the new site!

Wallpaper: Inspire

Some time ago, I discovered a wallpaper that  apparently never got posted before.

It is a clean, and a bit dark, wallpaper that symbolizes the beginning of Walt’s career. I made this wallpaper dark so your eyes are attracted to the 2 focal points, the Mickey silhouette and the quote from Walt Disney.

On the one hand you’ll have the quote “I only Hope that we do not lose sight of one thing: that it was all started by a mouse.” from Walt Disney and on the other hand the silhouette of Mickey that symbolizes that. In addition, you’ll see his first feature film, Snow White, inside the Mickey silhouette. Snow White is the first full-length animation film in color and has broken many ‘records’.

I hope you like it.

Download the ‘Inspire’ wallpaper (1920 x 1080 px)

Little note

I’ve made some new designs for the Leather autograph books. Now you can make memorable moments with the Queen of Hearts, Dr. Facelier, King Louie, Father Tuck, Max Goof, the penguin from Mary Poppins, Jack Skellington and Sally.

By the way, stay tuned for a whole new serie autograph book designs!

Wallpaper: Imagination

Yeah I know, I’m a bad blogger, there hasn’t been a single post in almost 3 months. But now I’m hopefully back with new designs that astonish you.

I came up with this idea of the Disneyland Paris castle on a cloud, some fireworks behind it and a ‘magical’ trail from the upper tower. And I wanted to put some inspiring words on it, so I came up with “Imagination is like a key, you just need it.”. Fancy, isn’t it?

Download the ‘Imagination’ wallpaper