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New site!

I’ve moved this blog to a whole new site. It really is DesignDisneyRaoul 2.0!


I’m on Pinterest

Tadaa!! Now you can pin, repin, love and follow most of my work on Pinterest as well.
Explore it here.


Little Note

I’m proudly to announce a very little update for the Passport designs, there are 10 new royal pages for you to use.
The lucky ones are Prince Caspian, Rapunzel, Prince Eric, Snow White, Snow Prince, Prince Phillip, Aurora, Tiana, Prince Charming and Prince Naveen.

You can download them here.

Little note

I’ve made some new designs for the Leather autograph books. Now you can make memorable moments with the Queen of Hearts, Dr. Facelier, King Louie, Father Tuck, Max Goof, the penguin from Mary Poppins, Jack Skellington and Sally.

By the way, stay tuned for a whole new serie autograph book designs!

I need your input!


I’m planned to make a infographic about Disneyland Resort Paris. So if you’ve been there, please fill in this survey. It will take you about 5 minutes.



Infographic Walt Disney World

A few days ago, on the first of October to be precise, Walt Disney World celebrated it’s 40 year of number one vacation destination. That inspired me to create a infographic about this unique world.

Please click on the image to see all of the details.

Little Note


There are some new designs for the leather autograph books. Now you can have pages of Rapunzel, Flynn, the Beast (from Beauty and the Beast), Geppetto, Hades, Mulan, Kenaï, Remy, Elastigirl and Doc. You can download them, and many others here.

Special thanks to Mark (MadHatter on the DLRP-fans forum) for the drawings of Hades, Mulan, Kenaï, Remy and Elastigirl! It’s great to work with him.

Little Note

I’ve created some more leather designs of Thumper, Lightning McQueen and Matter.

There is also a whole new ranking of the designs, I hope it will be a lot more usable.

So, have a look to my post here.


Hello Everybody!


On this blog, I will put designs about Disney. Like designs for a autograph book or T-shirt designs.

The creations will be made by myself.

You may use my creations for free and personel use. Please, don’t sell and don’t use it for commercial use without my permission.

So, welcome!!